Let's talk about quality


As a small Independent Car Part and Accessory supplier we are in a market dominated by national suppliers, yet we are still here and successful. WHY?  Because we care

Nobody likes buying essentials for their car when it breaks down or fails the MOT, so forking out for something unscheduled can be a painful and costly distress purchase.  We are here to help, not just take your money.  If you need help and advice we will recommend solutions to your problem. This often leads to buying something different and considerably cheaper than you expect, and you'll leave the shop happy in the knowledge that you have exactly what's needed and that it will do the job

We WILL NOT compromise on quality.  Whatever your needs, whatever product you buy, you can be sure it will meet or exceed the specification laid down by the original manufacturer.  Through choice, we normally only stock products we would be happy to use on our own vehicles, so when we suggest one product over another it is usually with a personal recommendation and certainly not without good reason

Of course, we are in the world of the internet and there is always somebody somewhere selling the same thing a lot cheaper. Or are they? We constantly find that whilst an item might appear to be the same and 'do the job' it is inferior to the original. It might fit and work today, but what kind of guarantee does it have if it were to fail or wear out after 3 months? Products we supply come with branded packaging and have a traceable history back to the manufacturer. That way, should a product fail under warranty it will be dealt with in a professional and reasonable manner, and should the failure have a knock-on effect that results in further expense to fix the problem, subject to investigation the costs could be partly or wholly covered. Can you say the same for a cheaper unbranded product from the internet or other suppliers?

We do appreciate, however, that some customers want products from the cheaper, lower quality end of the market. If you require this please don't think we can't help. We can. It may not be something we would recommend but we accept for various reasons you may not want or be able to afford the better product. We will source the alternatives if you'd like us to but it will always be a happy medium between quality and price. It WILL NOT be cheap rubbish often found elsewhere


Oil is the life-blood of your engine, and works in an extremely harsh environment day in day out.  Unlike a tank of fuel which is replenished frequently the oil remains in your engine for many thousands of miles and sometimes many years.  It is therefore vitally important to ensure the correct grade of oil is used and the levels are checked (and topped up if necessary) on a frequent basis

We proudly supply Valvoline oil as a premium lubricant for your engine and other components.  As one of the oldest oil companies in the world Valvoline know a thing or two about oil and go to great trouble to ensure the correct formula is blended.  Obtaining approval from motor manufacturers is a lengthy and costly process but they do it to ensure you receive the ultimate protection for your engine. Unlike some companies Valvoline DO NOT compromise their products and offer all the necessary variants for modern vehicle's - in fact, one of their products has seven different variations to ensure you get the right specification for your car every time

In addition to Valvoline, we also offer lubricant products from many other suppliers including Castrol, Comma and Lucas Oils to name a few. Whatever your requirements please do not settle for inferior or incorrect products just because they seem cheaper; it could cost you dearly in the long-run if you do